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fair degree of elHciency — in some very old people and some very young

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jointed in two or three places to the height of three

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latter end of the fecond Degree, or beginning of the

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VIII. As to the Qualities, Specification , Prepara-

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and responsibility by calling in a surgeon and throwing the re-

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who are in charge of these various government hospitals will tell you

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lines of these topics. A pleasant dinner closed the proceedings

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overcome, where it killed not the Patient, it would

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PetL&Latmia, of each 2 Ounces ; Blood Stone pre-

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1837, and studied medicine with Dr. Henry I. Bowditch, at Bos-

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Contufion, FraCtures of the Bone, C 5 ‘c. It admirably

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plicated in cases which reveal evidences of an endocrinopathic dis-

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in one case about every eight months, another every two years,

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overworn yellow color : it grows commonly about nine

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