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l_Laughter, and "no".] That was the grand point, he
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be relaxing, is really a very medium one, and conse-
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debUity, arising from over-taxed mental or physical
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observed first by Hoppe (1855), next by Griesinger, that in certain
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It will be seen that here, as is usual, the medical
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and amply confirmed by others, to be completely effi-
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Dr. Pereira's El-ments of Materia Medi m, adapted to the use
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material points in the sanatorium proposal : How is
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that a true syphilitic primary ulcer was inoculable
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disease is one of the principal objects of the enquiry. Moreover, the absence of
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Friday, Nov. 3rd, at the Museum of the Natural His-
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creasing to active exertion, a persistency to sickness
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How absurd, therefore, to attempt to meet the wants
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getting warm). A relapse during the first few houi'S
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spinal functions. It subdues the force of the pulse ;
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and Lecturer on Anatomy at Guy'a Hospital, and Surgeon to the
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From the celebrated Vineyards of Mr, Schlumberger at Voslau, near
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that the members of the Association should continue
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one of them will make the stock liable to become in-
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Much can be accomplished sometimes by change of climate, espe-
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Such a man I should not exclude, if I could help it,
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nocuous or even salutary ; or when, in an action for
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than rheumatism. Reference is had in this consideration only to
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and a large abscess occupied the right anterior lobe
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a fly, or merely have existed for so long in contact
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Mr. Sedgwick had seen a great deal of cholera in ] case of contagion had been found, although several
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dead, and the others are not expected to live, we fear
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has had their attention dii-ected in a special degree
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Stokes has said in his excellent Address in Medicine,
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from the left ventricle into the left auricle. The first sound of the
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immediately seen to develope, extend like a veil over
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from the exercise of this function, and are, conse-
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direct presence of the micro-organisms. In the studies of Kockel
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were arrested, and its local tumours subsided, during
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the result be, and the larger the pustule produced.
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that it cannot pass through the minute vessels. This
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above residts constitute a kind of compliment to his
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Esthonian peasant, Catherine Kiitt, who had for three
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only guarantee for pure gold.— T. Culleton, Seal Engraver, 25, Crar:-
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With regard to the first objection, I accept the re-
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