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portance in the treatment of old ulcers such as are of specific
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ach pump the head of the patient is turned back and the
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his back and shoulders a fullness of his chest and stomach and at
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linear extraction but I was early induced to intro
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tient continued t lt V do well for a time. Imt snliseciuently the
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requisite in surgery and soldered around the borders to thick wire
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First. He should make some corrections where he had been mis
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The integument was then brought together by sutures and the wound
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M. Aran has successively tried agents belonging to the class of
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is at times very perverse in its physiologic effects
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chest cm. She has no vertigo is troubled with a slight
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eminence boast not however the earthquake and not we have
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pain. On the first two days the tongue was coated with a light
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ities in our own state. Why may not our own State Society send
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essential qualification for membership and in its earlier
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assumed it can be said as a matter of business that
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treatment the respiration sound slightly improved but on the th
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formally opened in October next by Lord Lister who will
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great sin If so he must have altered his opinion or else must
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extension Schroettcr tube and a revolving unilateral forceps. Its
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the influence of a power higher than human which can regenerate
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tients submitted to it. If a mechanical appliance be used for
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man M. D. Being a prize dissertation to which the prize of the
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the facts that the lardaceous material occurs in chronic sup
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introduced behind the palate and the contents suddenly and
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He farther taught that the virus in either of its primary forms
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attended the medical lectures in our school. He was always at my
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SIG. A tablespoonful in a tumblerful of Vichy water every few hours.
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the diagnosis of tuberculosis. Results It is said to be
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