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diseases. It may occur in connection with morbid growths and abscesses

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All authorities agree that when it occurs in connection with advanced pul-

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not too much exposed. Prolonged operations are sometimes the source

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the gummata. Diminution of its size is due to perihepatitis causing re-

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hope of arresting the progress of the disease. Alkalies, chiefly potassic salts.

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The three vessels are mrrounded bij Jibi'ous connective-

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There is a class of cases in which there is not much swelling of the

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(4) valvular heart disease. The diagnosis between aneurysm and tumor

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solution, or with picro-lithio-carmine, excepting the streptococcus erysipela-

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body, lacerations of the perineum, and a relaxation of the muscular

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upon the accompanying stomach derangement than upon any intestinal

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digested food, the first indication is to remove the substances which are

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stomach and a prominence at the i)ylorus can be detected.

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tion extends into the accompanying vein. This secondary hemorrhage,

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IS characteristic, a watery solution of iodine changing it to a deep red-

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physical signs which attend the formation of a cavity in consolidated lung

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tissue. An embolus will nearly always be found obstructing the artery

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most cuiisiant early symptom is a dull pain over the affected part, accom-

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known to be reliable and catgut can be obtained which is aseptic; but

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Etiology. — This is the same as that of cancer of the liver. It is often

does trazodone for insomnia cause weight gain

The ligaments require a nerve supply as well as do muscles, skin, ar-

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the dulness on percussion is confined to one lung, if the respiration is

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zation may have occurred, which will draw the surrounding tissues,

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the level of the aortic valves, and chiefly audible in the line of the sternum,

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scious or delirious state, followed by collapse. Reaction may be estab-

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on to pernicious fever. The extent of the morbid processes and the rapid-

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tract. The intestines and peritoneum are frequently covered with flakes

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Bronchial breathing continues, and becomes more intense, dulness persists,

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the sterno-mastoid and trapezius muscles. There are two forms, congenital

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nasal hypertrophies. They may be used when the tissues are easily acces-

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It is benetited by the daily use of antiseptic sprays of creosote, carbolic

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the authorities of New York City were responsible for a large proportion of

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around the wound and the toxic products of the bacteria are produced in

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brane is usually covered with a tough, whitish mucus.

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goal inflammation ; they belong to the n.'itural history of the disease. If,

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of the skin may become involved, the hair falling out, or the nails be-

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likely to lead to pneumonia and pulmonary phthisis.

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conditions. Since our only hope of curing tuberculosis is in increasing

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ment and destitution. It may occur as an isolated case, or whole house-

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Cystic Kidney. — Renal Calculi. — New Growths {Cancer, etc.). — Parasites.

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is much more fatal in its results. The fever of invasion is usually much

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fleshy females it has a wheezing character. In right heart enlargements the

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tendency to cluster and form cheesy centres, thus paving the way to the

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