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Does Permethrin Cream 5 Kill Head Lice

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inquiry regarding the effect which the operation had had upon the
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periods of exacerbation. The pain is often referred to a parti-
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has given me much faith in this addition to the ordinary medicines in such
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necessary and might be dispensed with. In such cases I withhold
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The great increase of intensity of sound by this instrument ren-
does permethrin cream 5 kill head lice
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sive proofs of the mischievous and dangerous effects of this poison.
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14. *' Importance of Early Recognition of Pleural Effusions, Due to Causes
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ing energy, during three days, from the time of our visit, when,
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nineteen months since. Child was weaned at sixteeen months. Profuse
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or five inches of the stick of the swab projecting.
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of anatomy, surgery, or physic, could have no judgment in the mat-
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was asked, by one of his intimate friends, the cause of it. " Why,"
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fulness depending upon its bland nature and capability of re-
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of disease, in the operation of remedies, in all the results of
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3. How may the life of the child be best preserved?
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former being generally intermittent, with more evident signs of
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sordid men of science, from the sphere of professional propriety. But
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was obtained I was not made aware of the methods to be pur-
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its great defender carries too many guns for any and all an-
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The principal functions of the capillaries are manifestly : —
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Such in brief are the advantages in operating with the clamp
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J. EDWARD SQUIRE, C.B., M.D., F.R.C.P. (Lond.), late
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that organ. 5. It may be given in doses of from five to fifty centigrammes
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N. S. Davis, Illinois. Communication read and further time granted.
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to divine what his general treatment of disease, and of all diseases .will
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leaving no apparent traces of the disease behind. Moreover, the

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