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taken three times a day. Lately he has pursued the practice
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and traumatic linear strictures by external section.
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waters which unload the rectal veins by freeing the portal circulation combined
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minuter quantity which ulterior experiment must show.
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it was Dr. Playfair s function to be explanatory and
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difTerentiated cells like the cells of the stratuiu gramilo
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differing to our vision from venous congestion. The mercurial foetor
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the consequences of tubercular deposits and how much is due to the
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In a hare thus conditioned the day of the operation and subse
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continue alkaline quinia six grains every four hours or
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administration should be carefully watched. Operations on the back
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I prevent the occasional gush of blood the same result will follow.
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method leaves out of consideration the precise germ to
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earlier period although in each case they must have been present.
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colon or rectum. The mucous follicles of the rectum were greatly
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admitted. That the percentage of cases benefited is so small
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of zinc. In several cases in which the excrescences were
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Still for these pills we need not select the most bulky drugs. The
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a Case of Penetrating Wound of the Abdomen V. Idelson
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The indications for treatment were thought to consist in
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patient soon recovered but seemed a little nervous and considerably
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of the influences which keep mankind from jumping into the mortar
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action. As a matter of fact it has succeeded where other
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while the intermediate convocations would be sparsely attended ex
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his investigation lead to certain interesting conclusions.
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Continue the tonic pills occasionally two at a time.
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the st of June one other case occurred in this ward. On
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the dilliculty of freeing an incarcerated uterus and had real
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symptoms not being followed by the disappearance of
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