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been led to refer to uterine displacement all the symptoms of the
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ations have been advanced for the frightful character of the
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versity which holds so important a position in and controlling a
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which have formed the basis of the prosperity of many others will
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the richness and variety of some of the older European nations. In
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instead of heating them in the usual manner. In these instances
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adjunct to the bath. In the first two reported cases
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first time since the days of Sir Benjamin Brodie the presi
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While upon this subject we may introduce also the following two
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and second as regarded the present nature of the disease.
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expulsion from the uterus he recommends the following pro
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were very vascular. The infiltration surrounded the
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magnet to its full extent even this for some time resulted in very
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there attained the natural term of life and died of the
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come involved in the professional act we have thought it expedient
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cerebellum. The dura mater was torn and thickened near
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Puerperal fever has also been shown to be a source of erysipelas
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is to result favorably or not the patient almost invariably expressed
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tion ceased the eyes grew more staring and as if projecting from
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stantly exposed to the influence of cold water. The urine is
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As the tumor emerges from its capsule its extrusion is
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growth of pre existing gland tissue as is seen by the
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ing every child was examined and many cultures taken.
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ference but usually the sponge bath was resorted to with
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