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of success. It is of interest to note that in all of

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The only Award of Merit for Paint at the International Medical and

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of the bromide of ammonium have been found effectual.

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ated cicatrix of an old ulcer deposite of a black matter in small

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transference or facts which can be interpreted in no

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plies about sixteen or twenty four fluid ounces of milk

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convenience than the local and immediate pain which follows the ap

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divided into those that are toxic and those that are com

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is changed once a week that of the infants daily. The

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which mixture each dose contains one grain of each remedy.

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value in cases of continued fever when there is marked

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tion be made the patient either lying or sitting or standing the

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r.eg to direct the attention of llie Profession lo their List of New

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judged of from her success and if she be unsuccessful

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the left ear and left sterno cleido mastoid muscle.

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The whole basin presented but a very small degree of inclination.

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is limited to the right iliac fossa the diagnosis of

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temperatures on the body. Because a temperature of zero stops the

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visit to Grand Rapids we were kindly presented by our worthy host of

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has seen cases in the early stages of typhoid fever

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on and reported death occurred in two only. Accord

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gestion to cause hsemoptysis hence the frequency of its occurrence

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Physiologically Consider d. After calling attention to the

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side while the small extremity reposed upon the womb in the right

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later. On examination I could find no evidence of suppuration at

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blood contains globules analogous to the globules of pus.

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present. The quantity is determined by the needs of the

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the attack but a very slight amount of nourishment is givui.

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of typhoid fever. During the mouths of September October

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ery probably in the upper part of the small intestine. It

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the stomach in which the luminous colon was only an ex

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febrile series the plates were not satisfactory and

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