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practising medical inspection of schools shows that an

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somewhere met with an observation but I cannot remember whether

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having had but two applications of the current at an interval of

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decisive proof in some which have come under our own notice. The

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which shall offer the greatest good to suffering humanity.

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and I derived no advantage whatever from its use. I however be

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fore. We now propose to continue our labors extending them to

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chloroform the boy quite recovered. He considered that in the

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The first edition of this work was published in and therefore

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Consumption and Diseases of the Chest at Brompton. Third Thousand pp. with

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Your Committee would also suggest that in arranging the details

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who labor to direct them into those channels where they will most

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I have been spending a couple of days in Camp Alger for

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word Galactirrhcea p. altered from Galactorrhea in the head

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places when they are not starved and fed upon tainted meat spoiled

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century we are just entering is not very attractive.

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M. Bonnet in treating of the prognosis of arthritis concludes by

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found their occupation as public guardians gone because there

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Found her comparatively free from pain but she had been very much

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the diagnosis of disease was based and therapeutics

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sustaining the theory of saccharification by the liver the other main

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believed that the physician had the greater responsibility as

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Southern Medical and Surgical Journal is a reflection of any con

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ner of their insertion into the uterine tissues. They are

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