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dical College taken from the lungs of a man who died from phthisis.
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To show tliat the mental disturbance is not limited to
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these violent pains was sufficient to drive the head through the
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ministration of the levulose by the above tests and in
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at the onset are occipital neuralgia fleeting pains
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from the sufferers themselves accurate accounts of this curious mala
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half the cost of the same works to the British reader.. This gives
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claim the interest of physicians and teachers. The medi
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suggested by Sims of placing the child in such a position
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When these means do not produce sufficient diaphoresis
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certainty that at every systole the hardened and pointed apex of the
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having been shadowed out in the debates of the convention which
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sider among themselves whether the blindness of the one and the
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pjison in the blood a combination of carbolic acid.gr. j and
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fant ailection requiring careful difFercntialion is
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of malingering. De. Frederick Peterson of New York
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volume a portion of the first and second editions have been omitted
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opposite the elbowjoint into the radial and ulnar arteries.
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prevalent with us than in Continental Europe. AVeare
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