A project to identify and promote innovative approaches to addressing serious environmental challenges and creating a society of self-motivated environmental stewards.

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may be rendered into lard, provided they are cooked by steam for four hours at a tem-

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ami as we pass to the stmly of the liiirlier animals, we shall sec that this

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hospital and Mr. HofiEman, it was agreed that not only the autopsy

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them, it can be said that they prove the horse to be a good investment

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White meat-inspection stamps, indicating the regular post-mortem

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winter if the animals are removed in the fall and the fields left

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adverse or pernicious environment. The best results in breeding

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ti.'sof th/iiuiMMiliir syM.'in. r.olk Mi--.'Mr,l iliiit iiKivcin.'iit of those rrgions

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" Type," " Brand," or " Style," as the case may be, except upon foods produced or manu-

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Formulac contains vitamins of the B complex, Vitamin C

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Egley, Loren Edward St. Louis reltz, L. W Perryville

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adventitia bound together by a silvery grey or reddish band, replacing tJie

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iif till' irl.M'MHrli stcilcs III' llir li\cr IllINc I II ••\lillllstci| ; W llcriMIM II ilis

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Speaker, Ralph E, Duncan. Kansas City; Vice Speaker.

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disease which was discussed by Drs. Hyde and Rollins.

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perficial femoral vein will block most of the emboli

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nail are not the result of similar changes, to study more carefully the

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Annual Reprint of the Reports of the Council on Phar-

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Ail headropes, halters, blankets, stable utensils, feed bags, and feed troughs. If returned

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in the pericardial stroma, making a bulge on the cardiac surface. Through-

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in charge to the Chief of the Bureau of Animal Industry. If any Insanitary conditions

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investigation; and if an exceptional case, the disposition of the carcass may be deter-

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tary conneelor libeis run lhrou<;h several '-'antilia, as in the svnipathetic

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mentation and a zone of epithelioid and small round cells above.

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,;.,„ .,,- „,, ,„i,„,l. ,li. ..fs an.l -l.-atl,, \Vl,.-n tl,.- n-.nnant s>.rr..,n,(ls a

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optimum protection that a jelly alone can provide. For example.

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mittee which nominated the American Medical Associ-

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{'■]) llefore leaving this sulijeet it lita.v lie udl to |iiiilit ollt that the

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any offending medical school from its list of institutions ap-

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shall not mention any observation upon other parts of the abdomen, as

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sucked out or, if this fails, higher ligation is neces-

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.iiid his pupils.' ■ consists in trcphiiiiiiL' the skull and c'lcxatiiej; the tcmporai

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approximately 6 square feet for each. cow. It will be noted from the

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the hospital superintendent, or the individual who obtains permission.

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lutely accurate method of measuring this it is indicated by the relative

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fiinctinii, and since it is decidedly doiilitfiil whether ordinary iniisciilar

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If will W iio<.'.l that thiiv aiv tin, niihrs for th> movcm, nt.i of the

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stoiid liy the animal, so much so indeed that from its hchavior al'ter lli'

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subsided clinically at the time of operation. Two of

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long a period of time, only ten years being available with a compre-

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these substances on the organism, they become detoxicated in various

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tubercles, but at 10 p. m. a tubercle was found, this having developed

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;is ill till' c.-isc i.r till' pi.i.li.lii.ii ..f ;iiitiil.lrii>.lc ir.iiii |.yiieii' ai-id, .-in :ililcliy(lc is pi"

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the House of Delegates of the Missouri State Medical

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were again controlled by propyl-thiouracil and patient was

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commission. But the State legislature has been only too glad to assist the packer by

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