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method is advocated for enterotomy, and special stress is laid upon the

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Smallpox at Toronto. — ^Three new cases of smallpox were

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in England number about 200, from which it ought to be possible to form

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nalis is suggested, though the author admits the species may be the same as

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minute. The patient was given a purgative enema, and morphine injected

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metabolism than with the morbid anatomy and histol-

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tological changes are believed to be not only distinctive

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4iiphtheria at age of 18, inflammatory rheumatism at 28 for a

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This rare complication of the puerperal state is illustrated in a case de-

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Philippine Islands: Cebu, April 4, 1 case; Manila, Mareh 2S-

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2. The extension of the degeneration is not always uniform ; that is, there

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lished through the examining boards, aided by the profession

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remedy can be given in single doses of one-sixth to one-third of a grain twice

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cord. Mendel* found (1) capillary hemorrhages in the central ner-

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to the familiar fellowship that reveals the character of co-

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it holds a middle place between that of digitalis, slow to aj^pear and slow to

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of the complaint, and at first sight it would seem a hopeless task to

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oplasty" contemplates and accomplishes the entire re-

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one-half, and the left calf was not paining so much. "Wet boric-acid dress-

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I first saw him in June, 1894, the right eyeball was shrunken, the cornea

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Db. Maximilian Hebzoq presented a gastrolith composed of

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tinguishing which of the two bones was the normal phalanx and which

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nial oi)ening ; its resistance to the pressure of a finger was like that of a

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minute traces only (guaiac test) ; sugar was not present.

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but the bladder was injured in only two instances, due, the writer thinks, to

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iucontinciice. strabismus and chronic intestinal catarrh. He

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the attack, before the infectious material has passed be-

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delivered of a living child. The infant was at first i)artiany asphyxiated,

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