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Iv Compazine Migraine

and then to ascertain if possible whether the disease is still in the
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If inert infinitesimal doses are to be given to amuse the patient while
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of the college must be supplemented by labor in the
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On the Diseases of Infants and Children. By Fleetwood
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manufactured for the purpose through which water readily
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preceded the Calomel modifying the system in some way that the
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This same method of treatment has been employed with
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and small bedroom with one or more persons supply her plenti
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lead and opium. Turpentine has been highly extolled. Gallic acid
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swer as in nervous women but as a rule he does not trust
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uterus and the internal abdominal ring intercanalicular
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and rapid pulse. For irrigation of the uterine cavity he
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profound veneration for well stored archives ponderous accumula
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years old taken acutely ill with fever and tendency
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cal College Rock Island Illinois which never had anything more
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oily the patients appeared to have derived no benefit from the
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plified the operation. He selects the highest point of the
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fering from tuberculous osteomyelitis of the right met
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quantity has been obtained. In two hours he repeats the
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seen atrophy of the optic nerve in forty one out of
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this was unnoticed. The opium by directly diminishing all
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To let out the serum from the legs punctures are made in
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a more vigorous contraction and accelerates their return to a
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dicted the brandy. Gave him an opiate and ordered perfect rest

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