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Anesthesia," "Local Anesthesia in Major Surgery," etc. Dr. Mor-
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two years, in 1893 removing to No. 36 West Thirty-eighth Street,
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railroad employ, and it was not long before he was assigned to the
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and neck troubles resulted from some cause in the pelvis. She
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If errors are possible with regard to diseases of no danger,
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profession, some of his more important productions being as fol-
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was everywhere greatly congested, but there were no organic
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on mental automatism following transient epileptic paroxysms,
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Sheldon Leavitt, Chicago, 111. L. M. Kenyon, Buffalo. N.Y.
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barometer was depressed by exposure to sewer products. It
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cially along the line of current history. For this last he has made
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by and watch. The germ theory is therefore no help to him,
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Dr. Augustin H. Goelet was born April i, 1854, near
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only evidence of pulmonary disease, it is wise to act as if phthisis
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the large vessels are rare ; but, on the other hand, post-
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round nucleus. They occur only pathologically in the blood, and rather more
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among which may be mentioned the papers on " Medical Expert
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These are ambulance reports which really only deal with a
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precise in laying down the exact nature of wounds of
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course with determination, following the lectures with intelligent at-
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were due only to expectancy, and to the absence of medi-
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On the evening of February 2, 1910, at the Hotel Astor, New York
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this was accomplished prior to his entering the medical profession
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error, threatening the lives and reason of the community and
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ofTered by the Hospital with its endowment, and the cen-
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materia medica. For the moment, we must content ourselves
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Dr. King was President of the Pettis County Medical
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dress, as president of the congress at Oxford, was to my mind
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where to find the point, — a matter of some difficulty when the
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Dr. Robinson married, April 8, 1875, Anna Eliza Foster, and their
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we are inclined to ascribe not to changes in the muscles, but to nutritive dis-
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A thousand symptoms, all differing, will not outweigh one which
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of the hospital for a year and a half. In 1871 he was

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