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which the physicians of the United States responded to a call for the
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to those of Eberle Condie Stewart and J. F. Meigs on Diseases of
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clitoris. The principal object of this is to moderate the penchant of
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sufficiently unusual to warrant the publication of its
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that he was awfully drunk. The second was from seeing blood ooze
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ministered by enemata. As vitality begins to wane the blistered
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voluntary motion but that certain parts of it preside over particular
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although distrustful of our ability to acquit ourselves acceptably to
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asked if cultures had been made from the discharge from the
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perienced surgeons wdiose services may be called ujion in
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silver or with a mixture of cerate of opium and Goulard s
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nitrate of silver than grains to the ounce. He believes in
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ment will be held in this city on Saturday evening.
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cally permits us to presuppose loss of brain substance.
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action. One sees from time to time in literature the
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ing the medical lectures of the ensuing winter. It is customary to
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broad strip of adhesive plaster under the scrotum and from
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a fair proportion of cases is of decided benefit quieting the
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obtained several other specimens but imperfect ones for relentless
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scarcity of pitchblende its principal source. This sub
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side about the armpit. It might be a little lower. Warner lay
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radicles ol Struction of the main trunks and glands is in
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side of questions depressing to others philosophiz
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acidulated with diluted hydrochloric acid hypodermically
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rison with the highest efforts of the philanthropist regard it as a
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cian from advising operation. With proper technique there
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useful in quieting the action of the heart and promoting cutaneous
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Boise of Grand Rapids presented a pajjer in which he
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to fraternal sympathies and general observance appals the patriotic
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taining that the liver is only a condenser or eliminator of saccharine
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tions of tuberculous matter itself imbibed from the diseased air cells
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perature was to F. hours before death. A partial ne
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tion regarding tuberculosis and of the interest which

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