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part. Where nervous and head symptoms predominate dry

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beyond any other single cause expose the profession to obloquy and

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I submit these hints from as I must acknowledge a very limited

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tongue without visible deflection. The uvula pointed slightly

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Milk is used freely. The diet is rendered non nitrogenous

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or radial is chosen. Personally. I irefer the first

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pelvis which may be present for this condition leads to a

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through. The only locality within the limits of this post at all

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losophy a belief in this principle has descended. Hippocr.ites was

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time has passed when it is necessary for the sick to go East

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tonic then clonic convulsions attended with some loss of

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Symptoms Diagnosis and Progress of Uterine Deviations. The

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Kelly of Baltimore favoretl the adoption of myomectomy

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osseous and nervous systems. Dr. Murphj then took up and

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anterior sucker but the posterior sucker by which it attaches itself

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it serves no doubt to relieve the congestion and engorgement of the

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should if possible be large and well ventilated and of a regulated

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forceps. The pedicle is thereby reduced in size and the

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not injurious to one s minds morals or descendants.

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number of consecutive syphilitic accidents which have been seen to

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patient had already had convulsions and while he was

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relating four interesting illustrative cases. In the first case

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Ascites is met by saline diuretics hydrothorax by diaphor

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and the irresponsibility proved. In the first place

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in character and mental constitution by domestication and by moral

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unjust however not to give credit to that scientific

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has elected the following officers President Dr. C.

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Species Putorius Vison Linn. Variety Putorius Goadbei alias

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He recommends his patients to wear cotton in their ears

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presented themselves in fact during the puerperal period. May not

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