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All large establishments provide tanks for this purpose, as in this
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projecting from the anterior surface of the gastric
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is known for its ability to withstand a single epi-
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tory laparotomy.) Perforation of typhoid ulcer of ileum; localized fibrino-
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man (1951); Edward Massie, St. Louis (1951); Guy D. Calla-
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fest growth within thirty-six hours after being placed in an incu-
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10:55 a. m. Sprains and Strains: Differential Diagnosis, F. G. Pipkin, M.D.,
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and kept at room temperature the extension of the growth over the
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tumor formation occurs in these cases in the cells of f imctionally invo-
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least suspicion owing to its similarity to the above, are marked *' B," and the carcasses
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i.n.Moimc.Ml. ox.M.pt that inciistnintion ceases an.l the iitenis aii.l mam-
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the bacillus has much to do with its length. One hundred and fifty
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' Huriaii li an.l S.liiir, II.: Cf. Ma'-lcoil in It.'iinl Ailvam-.'s m l'liy>i..l..j.'v :ia.t Hn.
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(.11 ll,,v,lr..sv|. U'lnnpS )ll.' ITMlHin..' rslrr .illl..! tliL'lvr.li.lc^ is »M».
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It is easy to idealize; and I believe it is helpful
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Various Physiologic and Pathologic Conditions. The main purine ex-
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and Frederick Stearns & Company are now owned by Winthrop-Steorns
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Camden 5 E. G. Claiborne Camdenton G. T. Myers Macks Creek
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be the desire of different owners to choose different abattoirs and the probability of other
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an- prnlialil.v scMial ranscs Inr tliis \ariatiiin. ami tlii\ ari' in part at
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man. Kirksville; H. B. Stauffer, Jefferson City; S. Albert
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12. It is true that in a small number of establishments water-closets are located only
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de Toesophage (obliteration cesophagienne et communication
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it is hard to say where the influence of the one ceases and that of the
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existing services in states need reinforcing in or-
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form these substances from simple food bases? The unicellular organ-
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they are proposed to be slaughtered, and no animals which have not
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117. Section through cme of the processes to the left of the papilloma
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employee at the time of inspection at least two labels or marks bearing the number of the
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good fellow, a bright, sharp, generous, business man. * * * He is a millionaire
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Cavity Following Induced Pneumothorax for Pulmonary
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level, at wliicli it leiiiaiiis fairly cmisl.iMt Imwcvcr streninnis tlic cxcr-
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(including Radium Applicators) FOR ALL MEDICAL PURPOSES
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Dr. E. C. Ernst reported that the committee had had
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tli.'V intln.ii.-.', tlii- is ..MM'.- .'vi.l. nt in tl... .-as,, of tin- M'nsory m-ts. On
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stant feature; (10) urine is voided as usual, but after a few days
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attempted to transmit the disease to monkeys by means of a Beikef eld
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bovine bacillus in morphology. The environment of Cat III suggests infection
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normal. Bronchograms were negative for bronchiectasis.
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lar with radiations from their periphery, are pole pinkish grey; between
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The specimens tested included 33 wild mice, 112 wild
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fraetoiw phase. Two laboratory ..xamples may be «iven: (V men
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lollow pani-rcatcctoiiiy are reinovcd, and a iinrmal enndition reestali
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where the mediastinal glands and lung tissue presented numerous small caseous
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