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succession. Patients are not so well content to bear this discipline
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nerves ; from their investigations then, we infer that the fibers which
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Bernays writes : " In your report of my case of * Liga-
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Eemarkable changes have occurred in the smaller vessels, especially in the
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sive. There is also a widely perceived waste of resources in
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fourth class embraces Obstetrics and Gynecology, and the
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contraction of the i)r()ximal muscles of the right shoulder-girdle,
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■elastic fibers, and a great deal of granular detritus.
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7 were cured completely, 18 had a persistent fistula, 28 required a secondary
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certainly does require the close attention of the surgeon in charge
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operation, the more favorable is the prognosis, since
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Newman ; Mr. T. Sympson ; Dr. D. Nelson ; The Registrar op
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type that its status as a definite form of smallpox was not established
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cortex is involved the hemiplegia in all respects resembles that caused \iy
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mann's reports showed 49 cases of muscular disease of the heart in
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[140] Idem. Arch. f. Derm. ti. Syph., 1911, cvi, p. 105. A third case. ^lyelsemia with
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of the profligate Due d'Orleans. In Pope's language,
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Certain objections from the side of chemical technic will be
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stance determined Dr. Semen's patient to select a German
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»le to ideas of cleanliness and decency. The limbs, in some cases,
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or disguised — and this is, that the State has no moral
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and boring eye pain. A week following onset of ill-
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such operation, whether the growth be solid, or encysted.
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telephoned to be ready if possible to take my place. He arrived at 2:20
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schools exist more for the sake of granting diplomas than for the pur-
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heart's action. These effects are normally of trifling importance,
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the same compassion and expertise they knew during their hospital
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District 7: Willis D. C. Israel (Randolph), reappointed
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patient testimonials reactions to cipro
perioral dermatitis treated with cipro
Ibid., 1893-4, V, 14-19.— Biiun (J.) Rupture of the eye
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luetic origin. It has long been realized that aneurysm of the
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we get complete clinical histories and also post-mortem examinations. We
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following were elected members of the Royal Institution : —
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* St. Bartholomew's Hospital Meports, xxx, p. 53, 1894.

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