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be most conveniently classified according to their special applications.
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The last group, the oximes, consists of a group, NOH, the
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day and Friday, July l.lth and 14th. Notice of intention to appear must
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instead of that liquid, the orchitic was used. Every sym-
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Relapses occurred in 62 or no less than 18 per cent, of all cases,
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Medical Joubnax are requested to communicate beforehand with the
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that special affinity which has so long been surmised to exit between
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^ Transactions of the Association of American Physicians, Washington, 1896.
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that, of 59 notitied cases of diphtheria in 1892, only 8 could
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selves in certain groups of muscles, occasionally taking the form of
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often quite troublesome, to cease. The fat which is present in the
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the face to cold, where the nerve makes its exit at the stylomastoid
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bid conditions of the teeth. I myself have no doubt that his contaition
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toxemia — fever. When such a fever cannot be traced to other toxins,
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sider it in the interests of medical education in general. It
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bers of the profession in Scotland and Ireland, published in the report;
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