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lent treatment is by hypodermic injections of morphia and
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discharged into the blood or lymph as the secretion of
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ring fortnightly. After cauterisation of the granula
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results point to the probable future usefulness of the toxins
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From the above I concluded that my patient was rapidly drawing
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est operation lasted hours requiring oz. of the No.
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mitigate some of the symptoms in others the writers have con
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doses three times daily and also diluent drinks such as
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obtained a knowledge of such science is liable for all the damage
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hypodermically using about gQ of a grain every day. An
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In these accounts a considerable number of cases are given which
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the abdomen. On the eighth day she could walk tolerably well and
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passes over the uterosocral fold and sinks into Douglas cul
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subsequent cellulation follows as far as its own defective capability
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congestion and inflammation and affords the patient decided
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conflicting results. A third point is the fact that
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but that after responding once or twice they became ex
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trophic change depending upon some morbid alteration in
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alizes that she gains strength slowly. Sleeps well at night resting
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interest this audience hoth members of Health Board.s
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No body objects to the existence of an honorable rivalry in med
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succession until death provided prompt relief is not procured puts a
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Nerves from the Use of Carbolic Acid in a Case of Ex
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this belief. One is tempted to say that the general
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placed in the recumbent posture. While expressing his own belief
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ders. The entire parturition from the time of the first injection was
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Tlie contents of these abscesses were found to contain large
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for prevention seems to be the motto of city authorities. Filth is
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roundings which may exist. He then begins with mercu
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adhesions and less danger of ventral hernia than if operated

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