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sufficiently scarified, but woimds were made which led to hemorrhage and

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disease, and, if the anaemia be cured, the recovery appears to be complete.

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fever, night sweats and emaciation. Auscultation of the lungs

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• si Su-«sS ^o ^-s s « • tfS • c c s g e .-s^ «s

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cases of hj'pertrophy, is found to measure from one to two inches, and the

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the bowels occur involuntarily, the pulse becomes more and more feeble,

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mation occurred during the process of reparation, and at the end of

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children of the same family, a fact in confirmation of its innateness.

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attacks are experienced in quick succession, several, perhaps, occurring in

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method. Another method consists in interposing between the eye to be

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Dr. Wm. R Wilson was bom in Philadelphia in the year

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always prove successful. It will fail, or rather it is not available, when,

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Exclusive of the form which is especially distinguished as perforating,

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which may prove fatal, the difficult}^ of cicatrization, if these accidents do

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visits being 'to inquire if any one be affected with diarrhoea, to impress

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danger lies especially in suppuration, tonic remedies and a nutritious diet

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Write Farwell & Rhi]3l§s,/^a!fertoVi, N. Y., U. S. A.

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from one or two months to a year or more. The fatal termination is

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also inclined inwards towards the ulnar iside of the arm, and

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cases which have fallen under my observation, in which the dilatation

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retention of urine. Rubefacients, sinapisms, or turi>entine stupes may be

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