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rule any special talent is given due recognition and encour

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repeated use in acute cases should be interdicted. Pilocarpin

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related that at the Upper Peninsula Hcspital for the Insane

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occupation was such as to expose him to the inhalation of carbon in

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of the profession might it is hoped induce the local civil author

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answer to questions propounded by Professor Denton. The informa

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cureted. The bullet forceps is then reversed and introduced

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it T never would use quinia again. This I thought was very great

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nation by the scissors. Indeed our only hopes of eradicating this

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ance companies with Professor Loebker as referee. As can

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in powder form. If it is vomited pills are tried and finally

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would of other gentlemen he had some hopes of converting me to

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Official Ijist of Cliaug e.s iu tlie Stations and Du

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was complete during the five months she was under ob

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Covering Pills with Collodion. M. Drude recommends that

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this case there was no impairment of function of the arm. Of the

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coveries which have followed there could have been little or no

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quantity and regularity of period. The tumor had become very little

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