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rated solution of boracic acid has proved of equal value. Its
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followed its exhibition. The same quantity was repeated two hours
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suturing the cervix and perineum at the same sitting. The
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arms were involved in the paralysis and the voice was so
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in Europe and designed by his biographer to exhibit the constancy
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Children and Female diseases bowel and summer complaints fall
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same size to a corresponding part of the left leg. In thirty
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heart and yet while fatty deposition is apt to cause
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was rigid and any motion caused pain. Death took place
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difficulty. The individuals were a sorry lot with putty
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His chapter on anaesthesia will be historically interesting when
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regard themselves as best qualified to frame at least in the main
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No very satisfactory explanation of their occurrence has been
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the disease was similar to those above mentioned they were attended
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anassthetic unless it be contradicted or unless I can
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the history of the case is carefully traced and the
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not always attended by constipation which purgatives if given in
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diffidence as bis experience was limited and his ideas too
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his condition gave directions about his attendance amp c though he
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mind in considcrinc these statistics that csides disinfected speci
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a white one were given alternately and the child liked to take them.
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if the patient is troubled with gastritis the iron and cod
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some cough resonance of chest natural except an undue dullness
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leges to send each a delegate to the State society
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important early sign and deep respiration is highly signifi
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night had been much exposed to cold and wet. This impru
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agency in the production of the vertigo and the tendency tc
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relating to Pirogoff personally letters instruments prepara
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gaigne s hooks. In every instance the treatment lias been
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popular in civil society. Nashville Medical Sf Surgical Journal.
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presented symptoms of syringomyelia with Charcot s disease
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grains of citrate of sodium or potassium in half a glass of
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other. I hope however in expressing my opinions of the merits of
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All authorities agree that incipient insanity is attended with
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this subject as the separation and infiltration of muscles denudation
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Calomel singly or with their combinations and adjuvants have been
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of the nervous system must be considered. Certain per
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gently we must first of all look to the minute struc
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Faradization is used in the wards to improve the condition
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yellow fever patient. In that critical period of the disease when the
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an exceptionally smooth convalescence. At present the
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since learned that he died ten days after the operation. Whether
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DaCosta s internal treatment consists in gtt. xx of the tinc

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