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without delay. If it be- not practicable, the child should be in the open

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been much employed in this country ; this mixture consists of cochineal,

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fever are, that it arises either from a specific contagion, or the

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etc., being favorable, or otherwise, to the production of the poison. It is

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This disease does not tend directly to impair the intellectual faculties.

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berries, for example, have been known to prove in this way poisonous, and

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peristaltic movements. Moreover, they are objectionable on the same

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the subject of Gout, Rheumatism, Gravel and General Lithsemi a.

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ing what is commonl}^ called a false membrane. This is difi'used over the

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and goodness all divine, which tells as with a sunbeam that there

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under the influence of heat, and coagulating imperfectly with the addition

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sist of a deep inspiration followed by a series of expiratory efforts. If

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and the minute;" on the one hand, disintegrating mountains,

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Much is to be expected from continued researches respecting thrombosis

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sented by the quantit}^ of blood contained in the evacuations. The gene-

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following the chill, is the occurrence of pain. The pain is frequently

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cessfully injected, appears to consist almost entirely of a cribriform inter-

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the blood, and deprive it of its healthy craeis. The composition

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rigidity of the abdominal muscles, together with general debilit}', emacia-

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the affections of his patients to such an extent, as emphatically to

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The existence of a constitutional state in children, called the scrofulous

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Chemist and Graduate of the *' Ecole Cenirale des Arts et Manufactrires de Paris " [Prance),

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which I have proposed. This fluid derives its vitality from the

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culous disease, and if the diagnosis be not doubtful, by affording evidence

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throughout, and is the outcome of years of experience in Uie manufacture of gas apparatus. It will be found to meet aU

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tion, is the rule; but circumscribed peritonitis, with adhesions, sometimes

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rule, this measure is not to be employed, and the exceptions to the rule, if

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that these changes are necessarily humoral in their origin. There is

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in inflammation of mucous membranes. Coagulated fibrin, or lymph,

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" 12th. Urine contains no blood ; color natural ; has slept well ;

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sketch, is to be added the liability to return, when situated in an accessible

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After considerable experience I have come to regard topical applications

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Passing now to thrombosis of arteries or veins, it involves coagulation

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soon lost. Morbid conditions of the blood voluntarily produced affect

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in great abundance, shows hyper-secretion or morbid transudation into

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tion of their most frequent uses, the interossei, the lumbricales,

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paratory for an academical course. While at school, he was a great

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