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soothing of the ulcerated mucous surface. Creosoted oil is

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Signs belonging to the second stage. The physical signs already

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Your Committee hope that the propriety of this measure will be

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effects upon the heart and that it is less depressing than

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The operating theaters in the Russian hospitals are equal in

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larynx and the superior vocal chords. This rather limited supra

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recovery of both patients. The fifth case presented

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sists in the complete excision of the anterior lip of the cervix

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the Arachnoid. Williams on the Osseous Lesions of Loco

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I am aware that the advocacy of this doctrine has been deemed

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throughout by first intention but a small portion of tlie lobe

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Treatment simply palliative Opium and its preparations to allay

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didates for admission to the grade of assistant surgeon in

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Two oiled pins are pushed right through the base of the

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possibility of tuberculosis was out of the question

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