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interstitial hernias which closely resemble the same class
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to their colloid qualities. Moreover, the effect of the properties in question
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the swelling is covered with a serous exudation ; the mouth is
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In inquiring of the patients who have have tuberculosis and that they need to
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than with any view of enlightening the Profession. Its contents are not at all in
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tion, and accompanied by constitutional symptoms and the usual phe-
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that had come under his observation. He believed that the ob-
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tonitis, etc., were also causes. Simple intestinal catarrh might
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collected after the convulsions, was chocolate-colored,
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excitement. While delirium and mania are oftener seen late in the dis-
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attack has so completely occluded the coecal opening of the
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lated to give completeness to the subject discussed, or could
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M. Shull, of Mount Morris ; Mr. Cudderback, of Buffalo ;
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distinctly rounded and much softer than the rest, and suggested
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contractility or atrioventricular conduction. On rare occasions, the concomitant intravenous use of
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(C.) Ueber den Nachweis der Spei.se- und Luftriil renfistel.
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elevated temperature, ranging from 80° to 150° F.,by the small quantity of
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the incubafive pei iod to a single day. Be this as it may,
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certain of its biological properties. Still later Levaditi and Inmann 13 asserted
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tion in Physiology, during the Summer of 1860, beginning about
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interesting subject. I often wonder how it is that you
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Ur Leith Napier, Tie (Seiural Hoifilal, Adelaide, Seulh
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can be utilized therapeutically, particularly for the institution of
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182 Briggs : Belative Size of litems in Cases of Hydatid Mole
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members of the MSRC, Dr. Bob Benafield, and the staff
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Pediatric Therapy 10. Philadelphia. WB Saunders, 1982, pp 298-299

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