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Feb, 23 of cardiac disease. He entered the service as an assistant
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acute urethritis are : A oreat increase in comfort ;
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are due to reflex stimulation; it is not a stimulant
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inflamn^atory deposit, the artery is unable to con-
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lead to the production of an antitoxic serum, but it may
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of the British fleet which may be in that neighbor-
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of exudate and degeneration. Chronic int<'rstitial nephritis.
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the fact that medicines and supplies issued for the
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At that time the urine was smoky, 1,012, acid, and con-
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ory for the past was good, but for later years, bad.
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"Taylor and Clark : Journ. Nerv. and Mcnt. Die., x.wii, p. 177,
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the cause of the gangrene, but he believes it to have
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presents almost similar condition, except that there was
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national congress. At the best the difficulties to be
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contributory factor, but certainly cannot be looked
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would desu'e to see medical men enter the Houses of
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the suprapubic opening, which was closed tightly about it.
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separate variety of pleurisy, but rather the interest-
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By Chisliolm Wi'lliams, F.R.C.S. (Edin.) Illustrated. New
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perforations being found low down in the ileum. There
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red corpuscles. One megaloblast was seen while count-
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congestion of the vessels, while here it is due to en-
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apjtointment with all its medical i)olitics. After all this
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Culex eggs. — Tvfo hundred to four hundred eggs laid at one time by one female, aggregated in masses side by
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upon Trent, the SlietHeld Royal Inlirmary, etc., con-
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the spleen and general sepsis, suggests an infective
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one counts made for this week are found five counts
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spastic diplegia, spastic hemiplegia and cyanosis of
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of prostate, with a history of difficulty of urination cover-
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therefore, by the direction of rotation; the question
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His first ovariotomy was done in 1872. His first five
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partial of the left. There was no paralysis of accommo-
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tion resisted. Skiagram showed fracture of the neck of
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tion, but consent could not be obtained and the patient
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the umbilical veins, capillaries of the liver, inter-
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nard, A.M., M.D. Series edited by V. C. Pe(ler.sen. A.M., M.D.
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tension to 150 degrees, nexlon to 135, pro and supination present
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tion of any triturating substance. The disintegrated
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a member of the Medical Examining Board, Washington, D. C,

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