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structure of ganglia, and white neurin, of the tubular filaments

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A tlieiapeutic test of ferratin. N. York M. J., 1890, Ixiii,

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men often tense and tympanitic; varices make their appearance, and

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resides in the superficial layer of the earth, its vital manifestations depend-

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has already been done) to prevent an endocarditis. The

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No. 5 was unfortunately lost in an attempt to obtain arsenic

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quently ^^ in such possession of the case as to entitle him to the appella-

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mere presence of the diphtheria bacillus in the throat no more proves

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value as practical guides; but we see no justice in the dispar-

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at the moment, was not in consequence of the division of the

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(1) Tuis operation is not proposed to supersede ordinary

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vided to serve as a guide should such an overdose be encountered

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not be associating its effects with the gonococcus, for in two cases in which

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digestive functions. It would seem, however, that the eflects

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tissue (neuroglia), and in consequence sclerosis will be the predominant featurf.

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if no real "declension of phthisis" had occurred, the total number of

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treatment are varied in proportion. But there is another class

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combustion of blood, the alcohol is raised out of the organism.

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I then began to cany out the meiihod in the Belfast

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muscular and arthritic pains call for the use of" ojjium, especially if it produce

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Oxford, England, Blackwell Scientific Publications, 1963, p. 324.

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of the kola nut will in half an hour make the bral hemorrhage is common to certain situations,

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In like manner. Graphites (id., 1815, Nov., p. 40) is said to

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ton-seed meal ration, the most nitrogenous of the three, required the

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tical Guide for the OB/Gyn Physicians and Nurses. Rockville. Md. National Institute

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Looking from face to face on each of their televideo

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(embolus). The animal while at rest exhibited nothing unusual,

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