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Operations on the Cadaver, Pathology, Neurology, and

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different periods in the same case. The local affection, however, is, in

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texture can be distinguished.'' — Lect xix. p. 270.

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structure of other glandular organs. As yet, however, very little atten-

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heart is found to be four or five times greater than in health.

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stance (hepatic dextrine or starch) which is converted into glucose by the

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proportion to the quantity taken. While of the large number

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This contributes to comfort by keeping the surface moistened with perspi-

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diversity in character in some instances, are the grounds for placing cer-

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Brinton, it occurs in the proportion of 1 to 7 or 8 cases. It is most likely

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" All propositions for Fellowship shall be read at the meetings

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great amount of mortality and insanity among the convicts, an

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typical of asthenia. Accumulation of liquid in the air-tubes very rarely

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The application of heat may be made by means of warm blankets or

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the inflammation which results in these adhesions is often subacute, and

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referred to other works. Suffice it to sa}', with regard to fermentations,

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])hoid fever, the latter being the primary affection ; but in the so-called

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slow in calling in question the motives of those who, with the

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McKESSOfI & ROBBIfJS, MAjiuFACTURiiiG Chemists, fliw York.

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gr. ij ; aq. ij. — April 12. Eye still improving: same prescription

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matism limited to these muscles must be extremely rare. The diagnostic

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The mesenteric glands are sometimes found to be considerabl}'^ enlarged,

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tained by inspection of the throat, but it sometimes extends upward into

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mia. In the cavity of the abdomen, there were about two

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ance shonld be i)laced on opium, in some form, in these cases, other reme-

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