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It lengthens the diastolic pause during which the blood passes from

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Church, is issued in a separate volume, price 35. 6d. to Sub-

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the inside nail rises it will probably injure the opposite leg,

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visitation of the yellow fever in 1793, at which time three of

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en in this month, or in the firfl weeks of September.

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time and their causal factor is all the more readily overlooked because

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according to our present state of knowledge this does not appear to be the case.

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only in my earlier cases has there been any chill or

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was not easy to ascertain the exact size of the uterus. From

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ovaries and tubes were adherent, and the left tube contained an ounce

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successful, and for many reasons sero-therapeutic measures do not

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We note throughout the volume that the subject of therapeutics does

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tiox^ a sedentary life, or: a neglect of bodily easercise.

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alignment, and with restoration of their normal curves. Anteroposterior

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necessary is to enlarge the orifice with a knife and push

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tion. For obvious reasons I prefer to quote it in the

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It is asserted that vascular growths such as naevus, papillary growths

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Unluckily for this poor girl, all the juggler's dis-

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this statement the inference may be safely drawn that the value

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ual was able to perform man}' acts. Cases were also

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On the continent of Europe, laboratories of normal and pa-

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of passage through Equidae, rabbits, and guinea pigs were very slightly

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There were recorded in 65 per cent, of the cases, symptoms which

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smooth, and not oblong in form as was the one on the right.

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if he proves to be infected with Type I pneumococcus, serum should

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rates." (p. 130.) Small-pox is chiefly remarkable for the irregularity in its preva-

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wife has to bear from a husband who is capricious, haughty, choleric, dys-

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actions back to the Indiana State Medical Association.

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monary consumption has been in several places largely

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the attachments of the exterior muscles, and of the biceps flexor,

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reliable method of cytodiagnosis as employed in the dysenteries.

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blood. The second patient is still in the hospital, to which he was

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our greatest hopes rest upon the action of oxidizing ferments, such as the

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Dr. John Roberton, who practised in St. James's Street, Edinburgh, at

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avoiding the navel. The upper portion of the tumor could now

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at the time as denoting pulmonary consumption. In consequence of

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occlusion of the inflation lumen if the binding is applied

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' agency of her own great remedy; and then guard against its return

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amoebae, after thorough freezing and subsequent thawing, were still capable

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supervenes a "cold spell," comparatively speaking ; cold for the natives,

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hoped to ensnare in a paper sieve hung from the ceiling. The

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