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In some cases of advanced renal degeneration, the vomiting is so
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thorax and limbs were rubbed with mustard. At 7 o'clock the tem-
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Surgical Cases in Edinburgh Medical and Surgical Journal,
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On the 13th the head and fore-limbs were less swollen ; the oedema-
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line ; examined more closely it appeared stippled with a large number
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Freemasons' Tavern, Great Queen Street, on Wednesday, July 13th, at
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and other lectures. Nor is the combination of photography with I he
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Treatment. — On the 25th January the animal was cast by means of
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nature of this swelling, and the proper method of treatment, had
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sounds ; the latter organ was rather rapid in its action, or what is gener-
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sutured to those of the cutaneous wound ; lastly, the penis is cut
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which exists In literature. Ulrich von Hutten, poet,
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may be yet unsettled, yet had it done no more than promote the purity
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soldier — a question at least as complex as that which affects matrimonial
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of a veiy absurd interpretation of a very simple case.
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sounds were strong and rhythmical, but at varying intervals a pause,
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nearly three weeks. On the 27th April it showed symptoms suggestive
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and through it are eliminated certain of the toxic products accumu-
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set ? Each patient has his own character, and his disease presents its
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he found one house in which the inmates were positively afraid to light
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to be the same — the regurgitant murmur just as loud as the constrictive.
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It is curious that the first recorded humane undertaking of this nature
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flammation of the inguinal glands and diffuse inflammation of the pre-
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on the banks, not in the least degree blushing or embarrassed ; because
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faltered on the right hind limb, over which it lost control before it had
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The left surface of the neck, over the region corresponding to the
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dropped. Inside the upper part of the forearm was a slightly painful
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showing the same staining properties as that found in mammals.
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9.30 A..M. — Meeting of New Council — Council Ch.amber.
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with deviation outwards — a symptom peculiar to paralysis of the supra-
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this that the admission, the visit, the clinical lectures, and the post
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day for the next three weeks. At the end of this time the alveolar
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Up to the seventh day, although both lungs were attacked, no alarming
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United Slates have only to be invited in order to join with alacrity in a
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was hard, uniform, and moveable ; the superjacent integument was not
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nected with the reform of the English system of Poor-law medical relief

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