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means is much more useful and trustworthy than that

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at night. AVhen awake doses of No. and are alternated

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not return subsequently. There was no evidence of shock.

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the outcome of his first attack. It had been treated

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contact but he also calls attention to the fact that

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evidence of eminent men throughout the world in its favor. There

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quired no assistance from any other cathartic to produce free and

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middle lobe but in my dissections I have found both the descriptions

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conclusive proof of this being the gradual advance

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usually preceded by the serofibrinous pleurisy which either

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with high purin content such as sweetbreads liver and

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Resolved That in the death of Dr. Grafton of Miss. the American Medical

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and final stages of pleurisy with effusion may also be due

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passed through the centre of this foot piece. Potts fracture

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Subscriptions may begin at any date. The safest mode of remit

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side. During the remainder of her life this increased enorm

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It is not therefore surprising that we should find gradual emaciation

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parties to the matters at issue between the gentlemen most intimately

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with Kuchenmeister s scissors. The hook on one blade of

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Dr. Fallen teaches that another very excellent treatment of

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abdominal cavity. The peritoneum is always included in the

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duced no reaction the patient was discharged cured.

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tions further made it highly probable to me that similar relations

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as the kidneys do urea. It must be admitted that till the present

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