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uncooked apples, pears, and plums are likely to cause diarrhea.
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given, which means like the lines of a fortificaticm; the headache
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which we have made we are able to state, on the contrary,
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is simplicity itself, and whether the object be to bake, to boil,
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•described, little or practically nothing is said concerning the
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soon gets well spontaneously, and should be treated in all cases with
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tak<^ ptrt: .Vlr. Alder Smith, Dr Leslie Kobeits, Dr. George
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zontal line ; so long as the swelling persisted she passed
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upon the recurrent laryngeal nerve. In all these cases of laryngeal ob-
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an embolus or closed by a thrombus, changes often occur in the terri-
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molecules of oxygen and nitrogen entering into the composi-
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cavities is usually easy, but, so far, their treatment is very imsatisfac-
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by the effusion, but if the patient is sitting and the examiner places
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vessels lie in the capsule and in the connective tissue around the cen-
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being about 2i inches and the outlet small. The result was
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good reasons for the restriction of the sale of poisons by
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The disease is more common in men. Musser and Sailer in 1900
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September 11th, and spend a tow days on Lake Como, in Venice,
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back into the reservoir, continuous circulation of the
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was once noted to be darker than usual over the medulla oblongata
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It is twenty-three years since the British Medical Association
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ceeded with at once and will complete the design of the hos-
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Here we see the share of discrete cases at one and another
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has recently been elected a member of the Colonial Medical Council, the:
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display ot originality ; a few new poisons may have come into
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patient cough, which, by removing the bronchial secretions, changes the
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growth, and on the other hand to the invasion with irregular

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