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sents a satisfactory and most gratifying exhibition of its management.
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penetrates protoplasm and suspends or destroys the action
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Dr. Janeway s treatment consists in giving colchicum
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tona during the earlier portion of his life but was induced to remove
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awarded but once to an applicant in case of unusual
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life. Then they will learn that it is a physician s
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out going up or down stairs. The carrying out of this
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cure is as remarkable as its certainty. In military and hospital
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of adhesive peritonitis was found in the gall bladder re
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students of the preceding year a separate catalogue of the medical
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the ovaries formerly so common in cases of insanity among
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much unformed or destroyed by the liberated oxygen
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annually vomit forth thousands of incdical graduates
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His family history has been good so also has his previous
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as an anomaly of anatomy but unless function is impaired or
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was there nnv evidence liemorrhajje to aeemint for the
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Annual Report of the Board of Regents of the University of Michigan
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more and more sustaining. When the stomach fails to retain
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by J. Leonard Vaux Medical Superintendent of St. Luke s
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ceding authors would be to give the writers credit for no originality
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ing into the anterior chamber. Thus you have the foreign
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of the use of the speculum in females especially they are proved not
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expressed the belief that myocardial weakness or disease is
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