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Indianap., 1893, xliv, 94-103.— Hewclsou (H. B.) Gen-
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loose shoes. The cure may, however, be facilitated by
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objects placed upon it. The Large London instruments are so high as to
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or tendon, that was not sufficiently separated by decomposition,
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ance chiefly in Europeans who have lived many years in the tropics
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name of osteal or periosteal cachexia, but in 1882 Cheadle'* again insisted
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uncertainty there is usually a tendency to let the case take its
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of neither is for a moment doubted by those less interested in
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lation in the head. The patient is usually wakeful and
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The examination for sensations revealed that the left whoM
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suppression of the catamenia was sudden and attributed to fright;
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mind, and these are best indicated by cases. The first
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any other city in Europe, there being 591 litres in the
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Consented to by the l)<'piityes William Tokkev Cleric
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subsistence for a time, fill their pages with anything and everything, as starve-
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been present much congestion of the trachea and bronchial
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certain points relating to the course of this affection.
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one of the most common and distressing symptoms of aneurism.
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flesh, color, and spirits, and tubercle is often suspected without cause to exist.
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graine to epilepsy. Am. J. M. Sc., Phila., 1898, u. s.,
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ing water toward the crib, so that whatever there is in its
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proves that the "making of bricks without straw" is an accomplishment
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intensity of the reaction brought about by the first injection of
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preservative. It also produces soluble salts with the alkaloidal
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the State Society, Dr. Walter Lindley, in his annual ad-

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