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excess in Strand, Holborn, Limehouse. St. George Southwark, St. Saviour

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a small quautity of benzoyl -chloride had been added, after

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editor of the Philadelphia Medical News for the best essay

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LETTERS, COMMUNICATIONS, Etc., have been received from :

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London : H. K. Lewis. (Octavo, 17S illustrations. 21s.)

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but a good deal remains to be done, and there is room for

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Hotel de Ville is to be drawn up by a special committee.

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Council of the College one of the Tutors, in the place of Mr. Heitland,

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General J. J. L. Donnet, M.D., who has been appointed Hono-

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Legislature cannot readily interfere ; but it is one which ought

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If, in addition to the discomforts I have named, there be

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Communications respecting Editorial matters should be addressed to the

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