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prove, that even under such unfavorable circumstances, the vapour
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much better, having had only three or four evacuations during
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proclaim the truth to others. Would his tenets admit a back slider
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body, when the disease existed in a different part of the brain.
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influence on our health. The sagacious experiments of Bous-
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been published. In every case no serious symptoms supervened
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was laid aside. This mischance suggested the trial of Dr. Keid's
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of a violent fall from scaffolding, or a crushing accident from ma-
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ed as constituting the essential type and characteristic of all febrile
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Anniversary Discourse, before the New York Academy of Medicine, deliv-
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always successful in destroying the virus. — [Jour, de Medccine et
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examples of what might be called excito-sensitory action.
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the occurrence of convulsions. Braun considers the tampon as
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" Why, you rascal,'' said the doctor, " do you pretend to be paid for
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year's .-tanding. Profuse expectoration, fee. Daily chills and night sweats.
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sentinel, until two years after, when " Faculty arrangement " has
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ing to their method of application and action. First, are the ex-
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ts are always increased ; the earthy phosphates, and especially the
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the side, this pressure is removed, and inspiration occurs].
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independent working of his own mind, he had not a sha low of fear
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panied with superficial exfoliation of the tibia, and some periosteal
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far as concerns the irritant action of a poison whose action is slow
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Press, April 19th), Dr. Forrest detailed the following case : —

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