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hard technical terms, which was natural, but evidence
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absorption — a transmission which he denies ever to
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patient cannot be seen as often as I would wish, I intro-
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experiment. He fed a young pig with muscle contain-
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doses and frequently repeated. 'The same favourable
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Stage of tlie dige.stive proces.s, are destined to assist in
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through the muscular system, and in the form of para-
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list of subscribers to the Waters fund for five guineas.
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the JMedical Council ; but, seeing that other licensing
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with syrup of ginger and dill water, were also ordered.
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had carried out their investigations ; and also to the
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and special Wards for Urerine Diseases and Sj-philis, contains in the
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" Thomas Holford of Stratford said, tliat Dr. Gaudia
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fascia in its course. The external wound is oval in form,
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some change for tlie worse in the character of the circu-
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the ensuing year; Dr. W. T. Brande has been re elected
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scarcely any fluid either in the pelvis or in the abdo-
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forliuule of bis bearing under tbe painful circumstances
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of tartar with which arsenic was accidentally mixed.
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tify discussion, and to demand for its confirmation such
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indicated. Dr. Harley calls special attention to ben-
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ascaris lumbricoides have existed in the human bowel at
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tion are loudly called for ; and of these, tracheotomy
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ceeds i'rora those bodily conditions known as feeble and
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and planted with ornamental trees and shrubbery. Each
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without permission given by the police — i. e., until
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the importance of sanitary measures directed to the
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for a moment doubt that a society of this nature is
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consciousness of inability to move. As this state mostly
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— there are great hopes that this practice may prove
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having a bras.sy, distinctive cough. He was thirsty, and
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•withdrawn, and a fresh one introduced after washing out
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seemed the only cause of death, and the state of the pe-
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scalp as porrigo or tinea mucosa or granulata, and that
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necessary apparatus to such an extent, that he may with
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Powell, Dr. R. H., effects of lead on operatives, 289
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From the details given under this head, it is clear that
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magneto-electric current to it. {Z eitschrift fur Bationelle
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tumour through this orifice, it was found to contain red
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peared ; and the child left the hospital well, with
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told him that the case had been dropped long ago, as far

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