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letters. Science cannot be much advanced by hole and comer
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within the involutions of the primce vice and the clusters
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closed. She had lost her eyesight some days before.
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diameter, with an ill-defined outline, but with very dis-
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sevei'ity of the priinary disease, for he had sometimes
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Gregory. On May 5th, at Weymouth, James Liebig, only child of
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making itself the prosecutor (or, as the public regard
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Martin, A. R., Esq., to be Surgeon West Kent Yeomanry Cavali^.
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tained, as I have before said, some particulars of no
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CowELT.. George, Esq., appointed Medical Officer to the Royal Pim-
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Physicians, is still, as our correspondence will amply
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your last number on Extremes in Practice, as the result
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to them on terms so derogatory to the honour of their
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We suspect that such a Bill as this will never pass
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fulous esthiomenus on several parts of her body, the
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botham and Dr. Lee, that the four- gentlemen called for
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the instruments for holding solid caustics ; and no set of
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kingdom, I do trust my medical friends will not shrink
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had arisen, and she was grateful for the benefit received.
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while, where vesicles have been at first developed, the
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that, before Dr. Philbrick had been called in, there
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benefit be not more than counterbalanced by the greater
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be taken into account. Uterine disorder is often noticed
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have had this fitted into a frame of metal, which is much.
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pen of our accomplished associate, Dr. Evanson of Torquay.
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no microscopical or post mortem details are given, is ab-
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Dr. in the eyes of the public gives to its holder a sort of
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How dilferent all this is from the usually received opin-
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uterus and the certainty of the girl's recovery, with my
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ago, on a surgeon's bill to recover £40, in which a verdict
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while occasionally the latter consist almost entirely
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next place, endeavoured to the best of its abilities to
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which, as proved by the experiments of Dr. Eadclyfie
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not for his work." (Jeremiah, chap, xxii, 13.) Now,
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better calculated to repay our care by their enormous

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