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In the Medical Department no change has taken place in the corps
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them exchanging them for others which are more durable. This
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gauze was followed by a perfectly afebrile convalescence.
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of medical friends at their leisure during the International
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suggested that the therapeutic test would aid in the diagnosis.
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rapid transition from a state of hypersemia to one of extreme pallor
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A little pain also was felt. The cause was pnibably the irrita
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generous impression that is attempted to be made through the In
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treated us exactly in the manner we consider most becoming indeed
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tricts of our Southern States. One patient thus attacked and brought
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one or two senses. After acquiring the secrets of the
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the serous memljranes it must be freely given. It may be
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the ear. The bougie generally melts in from twenty to thirty
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flow tubes are found to be dilated and swollen. Varieties
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aided by the professions and the wealth of that great city.
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temporary destroyer of pain the effects of the chloroform are
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which have proved insusceptible to the specific action of Mercury.
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The Sanitation of the House will be represented by Hygienic Decorations
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the addition of a small amount of the bi carbonate of

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