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tioned case the result of irremovable lesion of the
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in even a restricted area afifords an excellent in
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atropia checks the great drain of the sweats upon the system
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whole posterior region and anteriorly as high as the
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the disease is not prevalent as an epidemic it may be produced by
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place where they were protected from these winds checked the
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tion are thus concentrated and doubtles.s give rise
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Our space will not permit of an extended examination of the work
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vaccination upon susceptibility to small pox in the individual Ex
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In your July number I notice a communication on the possibility
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adult. The chloride is to be mixed with water and glycer
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Medical Notes and Reflections by Sir Henry Holland Bart
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periments upon dogs M. Gosselin has found also that after such
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brain substance proportionate in degree to the senile
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With admitted eccentricities of manner there is carried along in
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nitrate of silver than grains to the ounce. He believes in
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are required the varieties of which it would be supererrogation to
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severity of the case. In operating on such cases he ad
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tients undergoing formidable surgical operations. In connection he
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thinks that sepsis accounts for of the cases of puerperal
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geon Major Ross who is now working at the mosquito theory
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thing as simple and intelligible as possible. This we think has been
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When amenorrhoea persists after the anemia has been cured
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held in situ by the middle loop upon the liver sub
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of arteriosclerosis cannot be judged of by what can be felt.
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never occurs in the course of typhoid fever unless the case is to
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said that there is nothing in physical diagnosis more definite
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loss of substance. The nodular irregularities felt like
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benefit suffering humanity and secure the confidence of community

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