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school. Out of ninety two children there were eighty

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forget that in a cancer subject we have undoubtedly

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pected such as an occasional walk or ride in pleasant weather with

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ment of this ubiquitous bacillus in the habitations

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in favor of an American work. Our indignation rises as the mind

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generally occurred in the winter or spring and were

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have designated. Future researches will determine in what propor

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by the cold process being strictly adhered to. One

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Dr. Meigs by saying that this production of his mind will be read

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Of the fractures of the Septum Narium a surgeon was employed

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destroyed and the system imperfectly nourished and the whole system

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than it is to discuss the reverse position. The two

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where peritonitis is the most prominent element. In Bellevue

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this class of diseases generally every thing that can set up fever

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Dr. Sturgis arrests the virulent and destructive character

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to follow after other medicines besides the Iodide of Potassium and

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serted the projecting portion of the string is fastened round

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layer applied over this. The time required for the firm

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in octavo form contains upwards of pages bound in board and

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perimental investigation along lines which have de

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aortic aneurysm threatening death hy the introduction of

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is to take the little tumor between the thumb and finger

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Express expresses the opinion that in New York yellow fever is an

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to the susceptibility of the patient. In old persons with

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time of the hemorrhage Dr. Pepper insists upon absolute rest.

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In this edition the whole work has been subjected to a thorough

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slightest exertion so that walking had become intolerable to her.

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of so many cases among those who are employed in dusty situations

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disease. Given in large and frequent doses it is sometimes

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close scientific reasoning to venture the belief that

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Still the time has certainly arrived when the honor of the profes

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have been employed and probably will be as long as that institution

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quently he improved and after a couple of months longer was much


suppuration might rid our patient of the trouble which a painful

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