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membrane was removed without difficulty being easily

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frequently encountered in medical and lay writings.

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a day or more. The antipyretic effect of quinine has not

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On Calculi and Diseases of the Urinary Organs in Iowa Min

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we on our part have to acknowledge our indebtedness to all these

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was the sound as he described it. Our attention was then directed

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In the fulfilment of a duty incident to the position which I have

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friend of the University is about to send abroad Professor Bradish

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to greater exactitude in the science of pharmacology.

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we presume he will not contend has been extensive. So much for

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It is everywhere conceded that these signs or appearances furnish

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thing else. When the paroxysm has been controlled by

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irregular forms of ague and kindred malarious diseases is so well

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convicted of calumny or falsehood or of libel and pledged to submit

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place fits exactly and has no tendency to displacement.

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means a common deviation from health its occasional occurrence

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ficient excuse for our penning a few remarks upon the subject Re

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to the dignity of science shows throughout whether in

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posal. In the order stated these three things ought to

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J. Mayo of Rochester Minn. has operated on all cases of

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sist in regulating the diet and in the administration of bitter

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pulsations are not increased by section of the vagi

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back into the bladder if the urethral canal is well

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prove rebellious to the influence of mercury or the

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of Illustrations Opinions of the Press and the Table of Contents of

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generally adopted elsewhere as the best means of checking

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failure in function of the kidney produces a general rise in

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official custodian. There is a pretty general feel

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tice opiates were administered freely and such nourishment as he

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Case. In the summer of assisted by Dr. Leroy formerly

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physicians that have given occasion for the oft repeated assertion

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