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for another half hour when it could no longer be restrained. The

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criminate use of topical treatment. The paper just read is

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complaining of indisposition he retired to his room a small bed

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months old. Happening to be at Oxford at the commemmoration

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tial importance. Our military stations are generally kept in excellent

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With such a Faculty we think the University of Buffalo should

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superior portion of the cavity the increase in volume and diminu

complications of intrathecal baclofen pump therapy in pediatric patients

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ing in strength from gr. xv to the ounce up to a saturated

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Mr. C an intellectual gentleman aged fifty years of a highly

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Dr. Dunglison of Pa. offered the following resolution which was

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knee surrounded with callous edges through which a little thin ichor

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on right side feeble the evidence of effusion at the right base

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patient for operation by caution in the administra

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sulphuric acid third chemically pure nitric acid and

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in the hospital The patient is sponged off with alcohol and

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false epithet. Let us not only never employ it ourselves but show

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calls attention to the great frequency of interpleural

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Other evidence is adduced during the progress of the report from

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shaped Colls which were degenerate forms of partially broken

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Connection between Disease of the Abdomen and of the

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responsibility more than with other business men. The laborer is

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quantity is easily diminished by dilution. Skim milk is not only too

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The above monograph consists of pages and treats of the sub

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cision devised for the purpose of exposing the gall

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SIG. One teaspoon ful in half a cupful of water at bed time.

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sider ulcerations and lesions of the mucosa. Two processes

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that any deduction from the phenomena of the heart s motions in

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portion of the inguinal canal. This makes a much better

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results from the use of the above remedy in those Infantile Convul

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gical means must be employed to make a way for their

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or recreation rooms eighteen by twenty. Lateral recesses extending

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fantile ailments which are augmented by dentition although they do

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yond it. This is for the purpose of securing the bougie so

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in University College London. Pp. with Engravings on Wood of which are

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into the general funds of the hospital and used for paying

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camped for the summer than at either Chickamauga or

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Counter irritation must be steadily kept up. Topical ap

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