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scattered cases possibly of a similar nature occurred ; thus at Willingham, near

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to the destruction of vaso-motor tracts and the cutting off of central

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ply the desiderated aid, cannot fail to rob amputation of the penis of

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after injuries or operations, where sepsis has been allowed to take place

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eighth d:iy of Nitvemiter. Apply to DR. JEFFRlBd, No. 9 Franklin street, or at the Inflrmaiy, »nj

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quantities — often only slightly larger — will readily bring about death,

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in the internal organs ; indeed, there is a great probability that most of

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approach collapse; if reaction be not soon established death may result

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inBuence on the favorable termination of the case, by compressing the

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appetite returns and becomes almost ravenous ; the pulse becomes slower

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Pulse natural. No pain, except with the discharges. R., S. M. H. vi.

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delicate health and pale complexion. Of her case 1 have the following

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Immunity: — Besides the larger text-books the following special papers may be con-

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Febrile, Stage. — Immediately after the above symptoms, concur-

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ture with tinct. of kino, or sulphate of quinine in syrup of roses. Dr.

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are eventually changed, might show crystals of tirosin, leucin balls,

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several weeks on a bedridden patient ; a water-bed and a bed-pan are

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is taken. This is especially noticeable in schoolboys and young men.

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and Poland were then occupied, and in 1831 Northern and Central

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hypochondriasis and neurasthenia. Electricity can help them by stim-

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The last theory of disease and its cure which I shall notice is that of

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certain purely physical effects produced upon the lungs themselves.

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profession — a clear, impressive, and brilliant style of delivery — and ao

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fevered organism of its own proteid; for, while the consumption of fat is

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more carefully carried on, and is necessarily much more tedious and pro-

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