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Promethazine Side Effects In Pregnancy

leg swelled rapidly and he suffered great pain. He was
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Davis in the last number of the North Western Medical Sf Surgical
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secretions and blood clots may be retained and become in
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that taken in winter the frog will prove more strychnoscopic than in
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mingled with yellow or yellowish green pus generally
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A Concentrated Powdered Extract of Beef Partially Digested and
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time surgeon to the Totura Hospital. He was born at
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Blenkins trusted that each individual would give his experience of
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unless he has had some surgical experience and is equipped
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similar the one on the upper portion less marked. The skin where
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prominent members from abroad were Drs. Brown and Perkins of
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in lieu of early ossification as in rachitis remain
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erected new structures. As in diagnosis so in thera
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pepsia the ofttimes excessively high acidity of the
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applied and he had been almost drowned by the assiduous applica
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there might have been pre existing disease of the kidneys as
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ful issue. It is a fact that lactic acid and probably
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tian physicians with him at the time who however increased the evil
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eflicient means. These consisted of Diuretics and Hydragogue
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frequent excitation of nervous processes of whatever nature
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sputa and in allaying the irritation of the air passages.
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moved when cure has been induced. In cases in which
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some of them we are sufficiently well acquainted to need no notice in
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t the hospital was followed by loss of power in the lower
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rently closed up to too great an extent at its posterior
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cared for in the matter of being kept up to date in
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ideas are not contrary to scientific concepts. In this our
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oiftiga hyoscyamus arsenic and similar articles should be
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ing for inspection but roots and stems. I think however from what
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same end. For in a profession of such controlling importance it is
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adductor muscles after the fluid has gained exit by fistulas. This is
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much smaller bulk by the subsequent cicatrisation in
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them to extend our knowledge and increase our skill as far as may
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dicated by the thermometer the maximum and minimum and range
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son and Dr. Case I amputated the leg by the circular plan about
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medicated with the zinc sulphate lead acetate or with
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Transient cystitis dependent upon obscure causes Dr.
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often difficult to say whether the local condition is the result
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nicious therapeutics of the early periods of this century.
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In curable cases of vesico vaginal fistula in winch the urethra
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Sequard announced his recent discoveries relative to the functions of

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