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while in a third class, e.g. tracheal stenosis, treatment is possible, though
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suffer from cold, clammy perspirations, or he may fall into coma before the
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risk to health, now unfortunately very widespread, arises from the introduc-
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Petrikin asked to have the remonstrance he had alluded to read alao.
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he is the medical superintendent, is an interesting document. We have
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(iv. 2) Sitting single-arm-rolling. — This is a modification of above movement,
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and any special symptoms combated, colic and arthralgia by opium,
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hyperpyrexia, are precisely those of the milder forms, and are preliminary
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or in some cases a sinus discharges through an opening in the external
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** 2. It was softened in 61 cases ; either in all its extent, or in a part
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produced by withholding the accustomed stimuli. A slight form of the
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ding ; or, boiled rice, with milk and sugar ; a pint of beer at dinner and
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tity of cinnabar, or sulphuret of mercury ; the vapor produced its effects
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Much of its clinical importance lies in the fact that it is frequently followed
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which bacteriologists decline to recognise as such. The serum has no toxic
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abroad during the winter, a large majority will be found to have had some
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away, and the wound then quickly healed in its whole extent. At tbe
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Gastro-enteric symptoms may not appear for eight or ten hours, or more,
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water, and centrifugalised for a long time. The clear fluid resulting was
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and uneasy sensations in the whole system, would follow, which could only
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respects resembles that of the skin, and in others corresponds to the covering of a
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it will run up to 102° or 103°, and fall again in twenty-four hours. There
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When the disease invades the floor of the mouth the sublingual gland should be

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